Eclectic Creative inspired by Magical Realism

Rachel About

Eclectic creative and magical realist – yeah, that’s me. I’ve made short films, published poems and stories, and I also make collages. By day, I’m a story writer and editor working mostly in the games industry. Before that, I was a copywriter.

Over the years, I’ve developed a style that leans heavily into magical realism. Some scholars claim that magical realism is not a genre but a sensibility—a way of looking at reality—and the weirder the better, but only if the weirdness acts to describe life genuinely (thanks Aimee Bender for that!).

I don’t yet fully understand why I’m drawn to it, but that sounds about right for my process. Moments of magical realism find their way into most of my creations—both art and writing—and I’m eager to develop this further.

At 26, I chucked in my day job at a local newspaper and began a five year adventure in academia-land earning a Diploma in Creative Writing, a Bachelor Degree in Anthropology and Film, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Peace and Conflict Studies.

I wish I’d just read a lot of books and made a lot of stuff!

Together with my partner, Edwin McRae, we have written and published four novels, a novella, a novelette, a visual novel, and three non-fiction books. At present, we’re focused on producing short stories for Legend Story Studios, creators of Flesh and Blood—a seriously fun trading card game (TCG).

Tis the creative life for me!